Our Delivery

All product sold by us can be serviced, delivered and installed by our own in-house team members. We can even remove your old appliances for a nominal fee and make sure they are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Delivery Service

Our professional delivery service is FREE OF CHARGE, on total purchases of $599 and greater, inside our local delivery area. Delivery is available for a nominal fee outside of our local delivery area.

What we will do:

Deliver appliances to your home
Unpack and remove shipping material from premises
Disconnect old freestanding appliances, excluding hardwired electrical and hardpiped
Reconnect new freestanding appliances, excluding hardwired electrical and hardpiped plumbing connections. Level and test for proper operation.

You may find “Free Delivery” elsewhere, but read the fine print as almost all other companies do not provide the full service that we do.

We do not resell your old appliances or try to profit from them. Working appliances can be donated to a local charity organization, and scrap units are taken to an environmentally friendly recycling depot.

Built-in appliances can be installed through our installation dept. for a nominal fee.

Installation Service

Our Factory Trained Installation Professionals can install your new appliances, including but not limited to installing water supply lines, gas lines, venting and basic electrical connections. For more extensive installation services we can arrange for Liscensed Contractors when required.